Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Poem that Eddie wrote about us leaving!

Not Meant to Make It any Easier

What are we rag-a-muffins gonna do when mama's gone?
She's gonna leave, we're gonna grieve.
What's she gonna do way up there in Saskatchewan?

Don't go with Dave, mama our love we gave.
Don't you know it rains and rains up there and rains some more?
Even Kenny's blue, mama, what are we gonna do?
Don't you know we love you so, it's you that we adore!

And Ashley's been true, she's gonna feel blue too
What's this Olympia got that we ain't got?
Mama, there's a bunch of us, we're not trying to make a fuss
But can't you see we're tied in knots and all distraught?

Oh, we will behave, no we don't blame Dave
Oh mama, you say we will do just fine?
You say we need to suck it up, we really musn't whine?

But we're just rag-a-muffins, this really is the toughest.
You say we won't get lost, we'll be fine, we'll find our way?
We love you Mama Erin, these thoughts we can't be bearin'.
You say you will, you will, you will come back and see us someday?

-Eddie B

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