Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let me outta this car!

New Orleans was easy to blog about because it was exciting. I’m afraid this blog does not have as much Cajun spice folks. As soon as you get out of Cajun country, things get worse, much, much, worse. Texas was the most awful thing we have ever experienced. The most exciting thing to photograph in the whole damn state was some sort of farm building behind a Dairy Queen and a weird, scary army vehicle (Armored Personnel Carrier). What else, oh we met a little dog in Texas. And yes, that is the extent of excitement in Texas. After two days of driving through it we began to laugh deliriously. Everything is funny when you have been in the car for twenty-four hours. I mispronounced U-haul and we laughed for half an hour, so we decided to stop for the night before we got too kooky to make it to Albuquerque. While daunting, at least we were laughing and not killing each other. Texas is ugly, hot, and huge. I spoke with Tyler and he said, “You are halfway there.” I replied with, “not really, we are not even halfway there.” He then said, “Well, mentally you are, and it’s a beautiful adventure the rest of the way.” Let’s hope he’s right! :) I think we have finally gotten past the rough and ugly parts of the trip. I was beginning to fear that this whole country was made up of poor little ugly towns and praying that Olympia would be different. I know it will be.

David says that Texans have a separatist movement. We fully support that. They can have it. Go ahead Texas, secede from the union. See if we care! We ate tacos and burritos for two days straight all the way into New Mexico which wasn’t so good for car travel if you know what I mean. J Today we are stopping by an old friend’s house in Albuquerque. Unfortunately, I’m sure there will be more tacos to follow. After this trip, it will be at least a year before I crave a taco.

Ashley and I tried to stop and busk in Amarillo, Texas, but those people are soul-less. They avoided eye-contact at all cost, but we did it. We overcame our fear of rejection.

New Mexico is beautiful, we saw a Tarantula. A wild Tarantula that died of natural causes in our hotel parking lot! Each side of the road is hugged by steep red rocks, green and white mountains and canyons as far as the eye can see. I still miss my Gainesville though. I spoke with Amanda last night and she said that you take home with you wherever you go. I hope she’s right, but that does not seem right to me. Home seems to me, to be wherever your friends and family are. I wish I could’ve packed you all up and taken you with me. I hope that you will all come and check out the NW, fall in love, and move here. That’s my plan. I’m going to try and call it into existence.

We got into Albuquerque this afternoon, got drunk, ate ribs, and played Rockband all night. I giggled like a child while playing Rockband cause it turns at I'm actually really good at fake guitar. I’m writing this in bed while David continues to rock out on a plastic guitar. I tried to find some fun facts about this city but there weren’t many, only serious facts. I did find out that:

Bugs Bunny shorts where Bugs is traveling underground and does not end up where he thought he was going, while consulting a map, he would often say, "I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque."

In an episode of The Simpsons, Krusty states that the presidential candidates have more hot air than the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Bill Gates, Mike Judge (writer of Office Space) Steve-O, and The Shins are from here.

Colorful characters are what make travel journals/blogs good, and since we’ve been stuck in the car, we have not met anyone. Hopefully we’ll meet some more folks like Conan and Doctor Love. Going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Gonna’ throw something biodegradable in it and see how long I can watch it fall. Is that a bad idea? Bye guys!


  1. My in-laws live in Dallas and I have to agree with you E, Texas isn't all that great. I don't mind visiting them for a few days but I doubt i could ever live there- its so brown and treeless. However, if you ARE from Texas that's a different story. Thank you David for posting the video of the kitties and such- though my favorite part of the video was hearing Erin's laugh. I miss her. Take good care of her- on this trip and the rest of your journey with her in life. I look forward to reading more posts.