Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gainesville is a black hole that I can't seem to leave!

It's 10:45am on Tuesday morning, September 1, 2009. I will start by saying I have never proclaimed myself as a writer so if you are anticipating witty banter about our trip here, be warned. This will basically just be a play by play of our adventure. If I would have had it my way we would have been on the road three hours ago, but yesterday's Reggae Shack and Chopsticks induced coma prevented us from getting everything done in order to leave on time. Who knows Gainesville? Maybe we'll be here one more night. We still have to finish packing the U-haul, take showers, get a bike rack, and travel litter boxes which sound like a smelly car nightmare. We also still have to say goodbye to a few people that I have refused to do so with until the very last minute.

I always wanted to be in a band like The Gossip but I found out last night that they are from Olympia, which means that if I do it now, I'll definitely look like a copy cat. :) Other fun facts about Olympia:

1. Kurt Cobain wrote Nevermind while living there.
2. Kimya Dawson is a resident of Olympia.
3. The riot grrrl movement is said to have been started there by bands like Bratmobile and Bikini kill.
4. Sleater-Kinney is from there, which is a street name in downtown Olympia. I imagine this street to be like Gainesville's 3rd Ave.
5. Independent record label K records was started here by Calvin Johnson.
6. Rancid wrote a song called Olympia, WA.
7. According to wikipedia, Olympia was at the heart of the 90's queercore scene.

So apparently, if you want to be a famous independent musician, you should live here. Mike Dorsey, that means you. Please come.

Does anyone want to hear our journey? These are our stops.
New Orleans, LA
Austin, TX
El Paso, TX
Albuquerque, NM
Flagstaff, AZ

Things we'll see-The Grand Canyon, The Hoover Dam, The Mojave Desert, etc...Then we make a choice depending on how we feel. We have options. First one--Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, Chaco, Portland, Olympia or we can go second route- Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, Olympia.

We need to find a path with the least elevation which is the first one. However, it takes longer and I'm worried that I will loathe my cats after ten days of being in the car with them. :) I have a book, two articles to read, a paper, and and outline to hand in on the first day of school. Graduate school seems serious, but hey, nothing I can't handle. I just have to remind myself that I chose this. Interesting facts about Evergreen State College.

1. Evergreen was formed to be an experimental and non-traditional college.
2. In 2006, Evergreen's level of academic challenge was ranked in the top ten percent of all baccalaureate colleges in the nation.
3. It was listed in a book called "Colleges that change lives." One of only two public schools out of forty total.
4. Many famous activists attended, including Rachel Corrie, whom died in Gaza at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces during a trip with the International Solidarity Movement.

Famous Students-

Kramer from Seinfeld
Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons
Kimya Dawson
Calvin Johnson
Mirah (my favorite!)
Inga Muscio

So, I hope that someone reads this. Well I know our moms will. We love you moms! I hope that all of our dear friends and family know that you are welcome anytime in Washington. I feel like Doogie Howser. Remember how he wrote down everything at the end of each show? Well, let's do this thing!!! And Gainesville, thank you for preparing us for the next logical step, Olympia!


  1. I love this! Please keep updating it along your trip!

  2. 1. Jealous of your trip.
    2. Stoked on this blog.
    3. Proud of you!

  3. I'm glad you guys are journaling and I'm also glad to have received a surprise hug before you left. I wish you safe travels, no speeding tickets, and will totally suscribe to your blog to see your posts. You will be missed but I know you're going to tear Olympia apart. Watch out Evergreen. (Also, I'll let you know if I ever make it up there to tour the school, or hell, enroll.)

  4. eeeeee!!! i am the only one who gets to be both excited for you two and selfishly happy. i am gonna call you right now!!!!!

  5. p.s. these are the places i've found on craigslist so far that i thought you guys would like (you've probably seen them too, but just in case)




  6. i'm looking forward to this blog, so keep updating it!